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Nickel & Chrome Recovery Plant

sep-iconNickel & Chrome Recovery Plant



Hight selectivity for heavy metals permits separation of these ionic compounds from solution containing high background levels of calcium,magnesium and sodium ions.Chelating resins exhibit greater selectivity for heavy metals in the the sodium form than in the hydrogen form.

Nickel recovery ensures the effective recovery of nickel in electroplating operations.Rinse water is pumped through filter and then through the ion exchange columns where the nickel is exchanged on the resin.



The rinse water is first pumped through chrome recovery column in the hydrogen form to remove metallic impurities such as trivalent chromium and iron.This is necessary to avoid precipitation of metallic hydroxide in the subsequent anion exchange beds.Then the decationized chromic acid rinse water is directed through next column in the hydroxyl form to remove the chromate.The effluent leaving the column will be deionized water.The sodium dichromate produced through previous column is passed through next column in the hydrogen form.The sodium chromate is converted to chromic acid and the excess sodium hydroxide is converted to water.